sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012


Esta tarta me la encargo la empresa Tyco para las mujeres que trabajan en ella.

The mission of the Women's Growth Network is to champion the value, growth and advancement of women at Tyco and to give women visibility and a voice for issues important to them. The efforts of the WGN are in alignment with Tyco's Diversity & Inclusion strategy. We will grow our business through an inclusive environment that values and develops a diverse workforce. We began our efforts in the SimplexGrinnell organization in 2008. Since then, many dedicated women contribute to the development of women on a global basis by establishing regional networks. The Tyco Fire Protection WGN strives to expand it's efforts and is testing this LinkedIn account to generate interest and to establish a social network where Tyco women can leverage and optimize global WGN efforts

El logo es así:

Y así es como me quedó:

by Belén

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